Rusty's Favorite Character Picker

This is the ultimate self-indulgent action: letting people pick favorites out of your characters via a favorite picker. I like it when people stroke my ego. Do this or else (/lh).

At the moment, only One-Track Mind characters are included because I hate coding via html, and that's arguably my most well-known story. I might add more of my stories in time, but adding more to the picker might also cause my brain to explode. Who knows. I'm also designating the cat designs as icons for their respective human characters for the time being, because - trust me - half of the icons would be generic Toyhouse icons if I relied on human designs for the icons. Maybe, at some point, I'll make everything more consistent, but it might be a while before that happens (plus it's not really that important since this is just something I did impulsively for fun).

The algorithm is fairly simple. You pick favorites (one or more) out of each batch shown to you, then press "Pick." Your favorite characters will eventually start appearing under "Found Favorites," and you can continue for as long as you like to make an arbitrary list of your favorite characters. If you can't decide on a character, just press "Pass."

The picker should be fairly accurate as long as you pick consistently, though you can reorder your favorites after you find them if you want. Also, feel free to screenshot your list and share it when done. I'd honestly love to see your takes - and as said before, I like it when people stroke my ego.

Some filters are found in the "Options" section below the "Found Favorites" section.

I'm by no means a coder, so I won't be surprised if something funky happens with the coding for this blasted picker. Please let me know if this is the case so that I can fix it!

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